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Serving the Atlanta Metro Area for Over 20 years

Waterhouse Exterminating has been offering pest control and exterminator services to the Atlanta and Lawrenceville area for over the past 20 years. Through the many changes in the Atlanta pest control industry, especially within the past few years, our company has remained dedicated to quality service at affordable prices. We care for your home as if it was our own. Our many years of experience in the pest control industry help us know what to expect in any situation, while always keeping the homeowner first.
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No Cookie Cutter Service

Every home is unique and too every homeowner is unique. After inspecting the home thoroughly, we interview the homeowner to ascertain their needs and concerns. We will then provide our recommendation on the basis of 1) the structure of the home 2) the presence of an infestation or the lack there of 3) the environmental concerns of the homeowner 4) the customers budgetary considerations.
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Mother Earth - Clean Safe Effective

While chemical pesticides may eliminate insects effectively, some may also be toxic to humans and lead to severe environmental degradation if not properly managed. By comparison, natural pesticides, which are usually eco-friendly such as the Mother Earth line of products, are more conducive to environmental sustainability and more beneficial to public wellness. By comparison, botanical pesticides (plants that produce chemicals defenses that naturally resist insects) have proven to be equally effective in controlling pest and at the same time do not harm the environment or our health.
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